Selling your First Digital Product using Gumroad on Webflow

Want to sell a digital product online? Look no further than Gumroad. They make it easy for creators to sell digital products and memberships. Head on over to and create an account.

Once you login, head on over to Products at the top. 

Here Gumroad gives a few options on the types of products we’d want to sell. In our case we’re going to sell an E-Book pdf, so we’re going to choose Classic and fill out the name and click Customize.

Here we’re going to fill out the product details and description as well as upload the E-book PDF. Once we’re done, going to Save Changes and hit Publish

And that's it! Now we have the link to our E-book product that we can share with customers. 

You also have the option to embed it on your site, here’s how it looks on our site. We’re going to copy the code Gumroad provides and head on over to our Webflow site to publish it.

Let's click on Buy My Product to get an example of how it would look for your customers. 

A Gumroad pop-up with our digital product shows up. Now let's click on I Want This, to purchase it. Since we’re logged in Gumroad, they provide a test card so that we can test the payment flow. Enter your email and hit Pay. You’ll receive an example confirmation email of the purchase / product sold. 

Afterwards it’ll take you to the page where your customer will download the digital products. 

Nice! Super simple right? 

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