Tool Overview

Hand off your routine data tasks by describing them in Parabola. Build once, reuse infinitely.

Parabola is closing the productivity inequality gap with a drag-and-drop, visual programming platform. We're starting with knowledge workers (e.g. marketing, sales, operations) and empowering them to increase their productivity leverage and become self sufficient without having to learn how to code.

Describe it in words, build it in Parabola

If you can explain your problem to another person, you can teach Parabola to do it for you.

Connect Your Data

Easily pull your data from anywhere: your files, tools, APIs, and databases.

Drag and Drop to Build

Simply drag and drop pre-built steps to tell Parabola how to process your data, no coding required.

Take Action

Set a personalized schedule and send your data wherever, however, and whenever you want.

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